Aaaaaand another thing …

Me:  “Can I please see your photo ID?”

Patient: “Oh, you’re making me nauseated”

Oh. I see.

Quotes from the ED Registration Desk Today

When asked, “What is your current mailing address please?”

“We just moved”

“Oh congratulations, what is your new address?”

“I’m retired, I don’t have to remember any of that stuff any more”

Oh. I see.

*face palm*

Pretty simple question I would say

Walked into the liquor store. Walked past an attractive display of white wine.

I think to myself ‘Looks like perhaps there is a promotion on. Alas there are no prices on this fine stack of wine! I must right this wrong immediately’. So I pick up a bottle, show it to the cashier who was not more than 4feet from said display, very nearly handed her the bottle, and asked:

“How much is this bottle of wine?”

Her reply: “Oh it’s not on sale yet”

To which I say, “Oh okay” look down at the bottle of wine, stare at it for a split second and ask the bottle quietly; ‘Really?’

I put the bottle of wine down in it’s stack and then proceed to the aisle which usually houses my favored bottle. I then make the dreaded 10sec journey back with my purchase. During this short journey I decide I don’t think her previous efforts on my last question were sufficient.

When I return to the till I pick up the “priceless” bottle of white and snarkily ask;

“It’s not on sale yet, so it doesn’t have a price?”

She says “Hang on”
Tleaves her till, walks to the back of the store and askes a fellow employee.<-This …  As opposed to the much easier option, of -> Reaching for the bottle of wine with her arms, not moving her feet at all, and using all the tools at her disposal to answer this great mystery, by scanning the bar code on her till.

Upon her return to the scene of the listening crime she mumbles: “$10.99”

“Oh so it does have a price”  Phew. I was getting worried there for a minute.


Funny thing I heard tonight in the ED.

“So what is triage? Is it in the dictionary?”

Me (to self): “No mister. It’s not in the dictionary. It’s just a word that we made up here at the hospital and decided to put on all our signs because we liked the way it rolls of the tongue”


JK not JK

I Got my Eye on You

My sights are set on you, yes, YOU!

My Day Four assignment for #blogging101; Identify your audience, set a blog focus. This is a hard one because, as a new blogger, I’m still not sure if others are going to get as much out of this blogging experience as I hope I will.

I feel like with my blog I have more questions than answers. The reasons I want to write are to get all these questions out there, out of my head. Maybe then, and only then, can I *gasp* actually start making sense of them. ?. Do I have to have something to say or are others just going to find comfort that aren’t the only ones thinking exactly what I’m thinking?

Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely some answers that I’ve already found for myself. There are things that I’m sure of.

I welcome criticism and commentary. I don’t want people to tell me how to think, or what to think or how to act, but I’m interested to know what other people thought, or how they felt, or how they acted and what it meant for them at the time, what it meant for their future.

Is it wrong to start a blog as a springboard to bounce thoughts off sometimes? Do I just need a friend? Do I just need a therapist? What can I expect to learn from other’s experiences or mistakes? Can I write and expect a conversation in return? So many questions …

With all that in mind … who is my target audience? I got my sights set on you folks … ALL of you, from all walks of life, of all ages. I go back to my tagline on this one: ‘I know what I know … tell me what you know … that I don’t know”

Bring your membership card

What is with people?

“Hi, I’m sick, I’d like to access the ‘completely free’ healthcare system in Alberta.”

“Oh good we’re here to help you, can I please see your Photo ID and your Healthcare Card?”

“Oh I don’t have it with me, it’s at home in the safe, I lost it, no one ever asked for it before, I was born in Alberta, my mom has it, my wife has it, I’ve never had one, what does it look like, you have me on file from last time, I showed it last time I was here to that other lady”

“Okay no problem. I’ll give you access to our ‘completely free’ healthcare system, no questions asked, even though you can’t show me your “membership” card.

Your card is of no use to anyone at home in your safe, no one is checking your organ donation status at home in your safe, they’re checking your wallet. If you lost it, get another one. I find it hard to believe that NO ONE has ever asked you for your healthcare card. How do I know you were born in Alberta? If you can’t even carry your photo ID, I doubt you’ve got your Birth Certificate on you, and if you do … THAT belongs at home in your safe you moron. Why does your mom have it? You’re a 23yo man/woman, get a wallet. Why does your wife have it? You’re a 46yo man, get your shit together dude. Never had one? That’ll be $309.00 for your emergency room visit today please, also the doctor is going to charge you another $500 for his time. It’s a stupid little piece of paper that’s green and white, yes you are allowed to laminate it. I may have it on file from “last time” but guess what? Maybe the lady you dealt with LAST time ALSO didn’t sight your card, or your photo ID, because you didn’t have it that time either. Or maybe the “other lady” you saw last time is an idiot. Should I perhaps call the “other lady” to verify your identity?

I bet you wouldn’t go to Costco without your Costco card? I bet you if Costco gave you a stupid little piece of paper for your membership card you’d look after it like a precious artefact, because you paid $55 for it. Guess what folks … your ‘free healthcare’ is costing YOU a fuckload more than $55 as part of your TAXES. When you go to Costco without your membership card, they won’t let you buy anything, no matter your excuses. At Costco you give money so you can give MORE money. With your healthcare, you GET a card, and you GET ‘free’ healthcare. Seems like a no brainer?

Get your shit together Alberta. You won’t be happy when we start charging you per visit.

If you’re in the club bring … the membership card.